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18 Yard Skip

Do you have the idea of how to cover the vast amount of waste like industrial material and bulky articles? If you have then all right, otherwise, 18 Cubic Yard Skip is an excellent choice for all large projects. The 18 yard skip price is also very low. It is the last and the sizable part of the Maxi Skip.

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People who presume other skips levels are not enough for the waste material’s they seek for this holder. 18 Yard Skip is brimmed up with multiple benefits and holds the debris of all types, e.g.,


  • Construction Side: (Inert Waste) for example Bricks, Hardcore Tiles & Sub-Soil.
  • Domestic Affairs: (Home Renovation) for example Kitchen & Bathroom Refits.
  • Wood: (Refurbishment) for example Broken Pieces of Furniture
  • Organic Waste: (Garden Clearance) for example Leaves, Branches & Grass, etc.
  • DIY Projects: (General Trash) for example Decorating Stuff & Metal.

18 yard skip price may differ for different locations.


How Long Can I Place the Skip?

Although the standard skip keeping period is 7 to 14 days, the client can hold the skip for more days. Moreover, a user has to look at specific points accordingly as if he/she requires the license; it’s imperative to renew it. Plus, the additional cost is needed in keeping with the new period of skip placing.

Which Size of Skip Is Available Here?

Each skip is apt for a different purpose and project. Thus, whether it’s 2 Yard skip or 40 Yard skip, you can get every volume of the holder from Skip Hire.

Is the Mixture of Waste Allowed in the Skip?

You can mix the debris in the skip but to fuse hazardous items with non-hazardous is forbidden to place in the skip.

What is the Category of the 18 Yard Skip (Mix Waste or Inert Waste)?

The 18 Yard skip is usually used in construction; thus, it belongs from the sort of Inert Waste skip. However, plenty of people use it for considerable assignments of domestic and organic clearance.

Can I Put the Soil in the Skip?

Soil is allowed to be put in the skip but if there is the perilous soil, it’s not permitted to be thrown in the holder.

What is the Dimension of 18 Yard Skip?

The skip size determines the keeping of the amount of waste and the prices of skip because the larger the skip volume is, the higher the prices one has to pay. The 18 Yard skip size is given below:

  • Width:   6.5 feet
  • Height:  7 feet
  • Length:  13.5 feet

What is the Rate of the Skip?

It’s hard to state the precise rate of canister because many factors influence the cost like period of a skip, volume, skip permit, and location. However, its average price is £1045.

Why Is Skip Permit Required?

The Skip Permit is called for if one wishes to place the container on the council land. It’s considered a criminal charge to keep the skip without a permit and has to pay the fine to the council. The Skip Permit impacts the whole procedure of skip hiring; for instance,

  • There are additional costs to get the license.
  • The renewal of the permit is necessary if one needs to hold the canister after the end date.
  • One can get it after following a long process.

Therefore, if one has a private place, the skip should be kept there and avoid the license.

What Should I not Throw in the Skip?

Undoubtedly, the 18 Yard Skip is rare for its jobs but various items are prohibited to put in it;

  • Chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Electrical items
  • Tyres
  • Gas cylinders
  • Hazardous waste
  • Paint
  • Fluorescent bulbs

How does the 18 Yard Skip different from others?

The 18 Yard Skip is practical for commercial tasks and many smaller household jobs can be kept in it. It’s used for all types of colossal waste material except a little that is not allowed to put in any skips. Its dimension is very vast and can place 190 to 200 black bin bags.

How Can I Fill the Skip Correctly?

For achieving the whole debris, the canister should be adequately filled. An individual should put flat items first in the skip and other content. It is informed that the overloading of the skip is prohibited on the grounds of the holder becomes hard to pick up.

Can You Provide Me the Skip with Affordable Prices?

Skip cost is more affordable than other companies at the platform of Skip Hire. You may compare our rates with any other firm and you will find suitable prices. We also offer 20% discounts to users.

Can You Deliver the Skip Without Permit?

For keeping the canister on the road, the skip is compulsory but if one doesn’t want to get the permit, he/she can place it for a little duration on the way and you will be supplied with the Load & Wait for Service of our firm. Our company team stays at the user spot for the skip filling and as it gets loaded, the staff collects it and goes to recycle the debris.

Can You Help Me Which Size I Should Choose?

A user must be aware of the right dimension of the canister because it saves him/her from the extra charges. For example, if one calls for a more significant proportion than the quantity of waste, the more fees are required. In the case of asking for a smaller skip than debris amount, one has to look for the backup skip. You may call the support admin and can discuss the volume of trash and get the exact size of the holder.

Can You Provide the Skip Longer Than 14 Days?

A user can put down the skip longer than 14 days. However, the prices will be calculated under the present duration.

How Can I Place an Order?

There are a few steps by following them you can get the skip:

First step:

Click on the button of the order. You will be associated with our system by this.

Second step:

A user provides the specification:

  • Your Name
  • Contact Number
  • Location
  • Skip Size
  • Permit Choice
  • Delivery time
  •  Instructions

How Skip Hire Is Dedicated Than Others?

Skip Hire is a well-established firm that aims to work in line with people’s directions. It’s not only a registered firm but also follows the ordinance of the Environmental Agency. We make our clients happy with the performance and compensate them in the case of a complaint.


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