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30 Yard Skip

The 30 Cubic Yard Skip is the second biggest holder and the third type of RORO Skip. It’s the finest tool for the commercial and building sides due to its capacity to dispose of bulky and heavy waste. It sets about 290 to 300 + black bin bags for that reason its size is 6.5ft high X 20ft long X 8ft wide. The 30 yard skip price is very affordable.

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When you have loads of waste, hiring a skip is a way to dismiss it. There are numerous types of skips and each differs in its volume and purpose. Everyone hires them in keeping with the requirements. Some have basic details on the skips; others wish to know which canister is efficient for the job and where to get it? You may place the 30 Yard Skip on own land but its dimension is extensive so it commonly presses to put it on council land (roads and pavements) which is why permission from the council is required (Skip Permit). The skip permit price may same but the 30 yard skip price may differ in different areas.

However, this is a bit long procedure on that account one prefers the private property. The prime purpose of this skip is defined earlier although there is a list that ultimately guides one that how this holder is the ideal option: Organic Waste, Metal, Leaves, Branches, Domestic Waste, Wood, Furniture, Bricks, Non-Electrical Applications, Plastic that can be Recycled, Uncontaminated Soil, Packing Article.


Where to Get the Skip?

For the clearance of the unwanted garbage, the skip company is mandatory to carry out the job but which one can perform the task perfectly? The firm that is true to its words and works!

Skip Hire has been solving people’s issues of waste material for many years which is why our rating and reviews are satisfactory. Some attributes make the firm rare in the whole United Kingdom.

  • A user does not need to be concerned about rates because the amount is reasonable for a customer. You may compare the cost of Skip Hire with any other company in the UK.
  • The toughest deadline is not an issue because our fast system handles a tight schedule. Just inform us of the specific time & receive the skip.
  • A registered company from the Environmental Agency that recycles the debris under the rules of the agency and all-time available in the matter of a complaint from the user.

What Is the Size of the Skip?

The common dimension of the 30 Yard skip is given below:

  • Length: 20 Feet
  • Width: 8 Feet
  • Height: 6.5 Feet

What Should I Not Throw in the 30 Cubic Yard Skip & Why?

No doubt, this skip is useful for the huge amount of waste but some material is not allowed to put in it like:

  • Batteries: 

    There is dangerous material in batteries it should not throw in the caddy. You may keep them in small boxes and petrol stations.

  • Gas Cylinder:

    It’s prohibited to keep the Gas Cylinder in the canister on the grounds that it’s harmful to it. Call the Gas Cylinder recycling company to clear it out.

  • Tyres:

    Tyres are banned from throwing in the skip. The Environmental Agency provides guidelines on how to dispose of them on its web page.

  • Medical Debris:

    To keep the medical waste in a skip can be the cause of infection; therefore, it should be fended off from the skip.

  • Electrical Items:

    The electrical apparatus (freezer/fridge & television, etc.) is not permitted to be kept in the skip. You can recycle it by following the provided instructions of Waste Electrical Company.

  • Asbestos:

    It’s illegal to place the hazardous material in the skip. One has to face the fine or any other punishment from the council in the matter to throw it in the container. If you want to remove this harmful trash contact with Asbestos Specialists.

Please Keep This Point in Mind!

Sometimes, one burns the trash of the garden in the skip that totally impairs the bright color of the skip and the company has to paint the skip again. It is notified that we dispose of the garbage by following the given suggestions of the Environmental Agency so one should avoid doing it.

Please Guide me Which RORO Size I Should Hire?

Plenty of clients need to get a skip but they are unfamiliar with which size is required for it. Although the range of the skip is already mentioned, if you have further questions regarding the subject, call the customer support.

How Long Can I Keep the Skip?

The valid time of placing the skip is around 14 days but one can place for some extra time if it’s imperative. However, it impacts a client as

Renewal of Skip Permit:

The user needs to refresh the License if he calls for additional time because the defined duration of the license has been expired now.

Skip Rate:

It affects the rate of the skip, the more skip’s placement period, the higher fees.

How Much Should I Load the Skip?

The overloading of the skip is officially banned. In the state to overfill the skip, the company staff will not be able to take forward the canister. In addition, the waste can remain in the public place and the council fines the individual for this cause.

How Should I Place the Skip?

One should be a little concerned about keeping the skip like:

  • To save the drive away from getting damaged, one must put the clipboard or a flat piece underneath the skip.
  • If you are going to hold the canister on the road, it should be at the side of the road and well painted.
  • The skip should not be too big so that it will not create a hurdle in the traffic.

How Much the Cost of the 30 Cubic Yard Skip?

The skip rate differs from city to city and Skip Permit, location, and size modify the cost as well. These factors play a role in prices, yet Skip Hire is a distinct company concerning skip cost. When you check the price guide, it will make you pleased because we ask for affordable prices and furnish the user with discounts.


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